A sidebar to the Apple Macintosh preview published in Byte, issue 2/1984, pp. 31.

At a Glance


Apple Computer
20525 Mariani Ave.
Cupertino, CA 95014
(408) 996-1010

9.75 by 9.75 by 13.5 inches

Main unit, keyboard and mouse – 22.7 lbs.

Power Requirements
105-130 V AC, 60 Hz (U.S. model); 85-135 V AC, 50/60 Hz (international model)

128K bytes of RAM, 64K bytes of ROM

Standard Configuration
Main unit with 128K bytes of RAM, 64K bytes of ROM, integral Sony 3½-inch disk drive, 9-inch video monitor, two serial ports; external mechanical mouse; external keyboard

Mass Storage
One Sony 3½-inch disk drive; 3½-inch disk holds 400K bytes and is encased in a rigid plastic housing

Video Display
9-inch monitor, noninterlaced 60.15-Hz image, 512- by 342-pixel resolution

Pointing Device
Mechanical mouse

Detached keyboard; 58 keys (59 in international version); autorepeat; two-key rollover

Hardware Options
Second disk drive, keypad, Imagewriter printer, security kit (for chaining computer to table)

Software Options
Mac Paint (drawing program), Mac Write (a simple word processor), Mac BASIC, Mac Pascal, others (see text)

Standard system, $1995-$2495; Mac Paint and Mac Write (together), bundled at no charge for the first 100 days, $195 (for the two) thereafter; Macintosh Pascal, BASIC, Logo, Terminal, and Assembler/Debugger, $99 each; Mac Draw and Mac Project, $125 each; keypad, $99; second disk drive, $395; Imagewriter printer, $495

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