A sidebar to the Apple Macintosh preview published in Byte, issue 2/1984, pp. 51.

By the Way...

  • No, we didn’t misspell the name. “McIntosh” is the apple, but “Macintosh” is the Apple computer. The product’s original code name was misspelled by its first users, and Apple decided to stay with that spelling.

  • The Mac Write program was originally named “Macauthor,” and the Mac Draw program was originally named “Mackelangelo.” People at Apple decided that the names were too cute to use; they were right.

  • Apple is one of those exceptional companies that gives its employees credit instead of commanding them to work in anonymity behind the corporate name. The names of the hundred or so employees who worked on the Macintosh are molded into the inside face of the plastic rear housing. Don’t try to look for them, though; the Mac is not supposed to be opened except by repair people.

  • The Macintosh is not going to be strictly a “serious” computer. Some of the software engineers at Apple are very excited about the great games that could take advantage of the Mac’s computing power and high-resolution graphics. I saw an incredible game that has Alice (of Wonderland fame) dodging animated chess pieces in 3D.

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